Thank you for your patronage.

At the beginning of 2016, our restaurants changed from a traditional gratuity based system to a new service charge model in order to meet the new Living Wage and Health Care requirements.

Moving to a new service charge model was not our first choice, but with the new minimum wage and health care laws, combined with the way traditional gratuities vs. service charges are accounted for and regulated, service charge allows us to provide these living wage benefits to our entire staff at roughly the same price to the end consumer. Many other restaurants have decided to do away with the service portion of the bill altogether and raised prices 20-30% to capture that needed revenue. We decided to leave the menu prices unchanged. 

This is a dynamic time in the industry and other restaurants will also have to move to a different model at some point soon, many already have. 

Before we made the switch, our average Tip was 22% across the board, but upon more reflective quantitative analysis, it looks like we had two bell curves happening simultaneously, one centered around 18% and another one closer to 26%.

So, charging everyone 20% has highlighted some issues.  What happens when service isn’t worth a 20% charge? And also, what do customers do if they would like to share more than 20% for a particular experience?

First, we have doubled our efforts and training to make sure all of our staff has the skills necessary to deliver 20% service.  And, if we fall short, please let our manager know and we will make the appropriate accommodation to your bill.

Also, if your service is exceptional and you feel strongly that additional gratuity is in order for your specific server, please let our manager know and we will gladly open up a separate gratuity check for you to leave an additional gratuity specifically to that server or bartender.   

If our industry is to survive in light of new regulation, living wages need and should be paid, and this model allows us to do that.

Again, thank you for your business and we hope to have you join us again soon.  

Marcus Charles



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