Local 360 is a sustainable restaurant in the heart of Belltown. Our emphasis is on local sourcing, with the majority of our ingredients falling within a 360 mile radius of Seattle.



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We believe in real food, grown and harvested by the good folks in our community who take care of their land for future generations. We believe in whole, natural flavors. We believe in sustainability, not as an abstract concept but as a conscious daily choice. 

What is sustainable? To us, it means relying on and investing in our immediate community and geological placement. It means utilizing our resources in an efficient and renewable manner. It means dedicating ourselves to ensuring the health of our neighbors and loved ones by using the freshest, most naturally grown sources.

Our products are always sourced from the most humane farms we can find. Ideally, 90% of our raw ingredients come from within 360 miles of Seattle. Lemons, Limes, Coffee and a handful of other ingredients just don’t grow in Cascadia (anytime of the year) so we sustainably source those ingredients from the closest place possible.

Nothing we are doing is innovative or new—on the contrary, we are returning to a simpler way of functioning as a business.  We have stopped asking, “What is new?” and started asking, “What is best?”



(206) 441-9360



Weekdays 4pm–late

Weekends 9am–late

Happy Hour daily



2234 1st Avenue
(at Bell Street)


 Local Vegan offers a plant based, multiple course tasting menu focused on the seasonal, local produce of the Pacific Northwest. Dinner is available Friday-Saturday from 5pm-10pm. Reservations are encouraged.

** Unfortunatly Allergy requests can only be accommodated with prior notice.



At Local 360, we care about where our ingredients come from, and how they are produced. From arugula to zucchini, our goal is to source everything we use from within a
360 mile radius of Seattle.



The bulk of our produce is sourced from local farms using sustainable growing and harvesting methods. We give priority to naturally grown fruits and vegetables. When these qualifications are not available, we source as locally as possible, with USDA Certified Organic products receiving priority.

Meat & PoULTRY

All animals are fed 100% vegetarian diets and treated humanely. No growth promoting hormones. In our bovines, we prefer diets that are at least 2/3 grass-fed. All poultry is cage-free.


All of our seafood follows three guidelines; wild, fresh and local.   Line caught is also a priority and we support the local by-catch fisheries when ever possible.  


All eggs from cage-free, pastured hens. No antibiotics. No rBGH or other growth-promoting hormones in any dairy products.


Our locally-sourced bread is baked fresh daily. All flour is milled locally from 100% local wheat. Our oil is 100% USDA Certified Organic.


Our coffee is Blue Star Coffee Roasters in Twisp, WA.


100% local, and organic when possible.


We feature and steer our customers towards local craft distilleries, who use local ingredients and sustainable methods.


All citrus juices are 100% organic, from the West Coast. All apple/berry juices from within 360 miles made by farms that adhere to our produce standards. 100% local production of teas with organic sourcing for all non-local ingredients. Soda is natural, free of high-fructose corn syrup, and locally produced. When local options are not available we source organic.


Minimal use of paper cups and plastic lids. We encourage the use of re-usable cups and tumblers. Cloth napkins for in-house diners. All necessary paper products and to-go containers are 100% compostable. No chemical treatments or dye.